Become delegator on Chain and earn 20% and more of CRO/year !

Our validator adress is the following :


If you don’t know how to process click on following link and follow steps!



Why working with us?

Let’s be serious, CRYSTAKE, is already a hell of a name! Nonetheless, here are some reason why you should definitly work with us !!!

Performing servers

Dedicated servers with redondancy, high avaibility and protection Anti-DDoS

Service in France

All our infrastructure is close to us to be sure to be pro active whatever the situation happening

No minimum staking requiered

Everybody is welcome ! You delegate the amount of CRO you are able to! What will be yours ?!!!

Minimum commissioning

To be sure to provide you the best and most secured service, our commissioning is at only 5% and won’t raise!

Available for you

We are available for help guys! Don’t hesitate to reach us, we are cool people and will be glad to assist you 🙂


Using Desktop wallet

1)   In the menu, clic on STAKING

2)   Select “Delegate Funds”  in the tab and enter the validator adress :


3)   In section “Delegation Amount“, enter the amount wished

4)   Click on “Review

You don’t have the destop wallet application yet? No problem just ckick on the dowload button below.


Advanced level

You can use  Chain-Maind tool

Enter the following command :  

./chain-maind tx staking delegate crocncl1htld28twxfffs8efpw2gf057u836axr7c853g8 17cro –from cro1VotreAdressePersonnelDeVotreDefiWallet –chain-id crypto-org-chain-mainnet-1 –gas-prices 0.1basecro –node

Looking for help? Explanation requiered? 

Use this contact se ction and we will come back to you in the shorter delays!

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